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Simplimize - Simplify to optimize

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Reduce complexity by Harmonization, Standardization, Modularization and Configuration
Focus on Products and Projects
PLM Consult
Aligning the product brake-down with business needs
and common sense throughout the Product Life Cycle
Pragmatic alignment using methods from
Systems Engineering framework
PLM Consult
... its scale, scope, and complexity, the transformation will be unlike anything humankind has experienced before...
4. Industrial Revolutionon - digitization
PLM Consult

Connect Efficiency eliminate non-value-adding complexity and improve your business efficiency throughout the Products or Projects lifecycle from Marked, Sales, Development throughout Planning, Engineering, Fabrication and Operation.
Connect Efficiency are specific tools and methods that give your business a simple and balanced relationship between necessary
Governance, People, Processes, Tools and Reference Structure
Connect Efficiency is relevant for all types of industrial Products, Projects and Engineering related business regardless if you are: 
     - owner-operator
     - production-to-stock
     - production-to-order
Connect Efficiency for those who would like to become more efficient
Collaborations and Services:
PLM-Consult offers following main groups of collaborations and services:
*  Interim Management
*  Change Project Management
*  Mentoring – Business or Project related
*  Consultancy (or Advisory Board member)
Business Areas / Positions:
*  Change Management
*  Business IT Management
*  PDM / PLM Management
*  CAD Management
*  Project Management
*  Document Management
*  Production Optimisation
*  Business Improvement

Connect Governance harvests the profits by eliminate non-value-adding complexity in governing Product / Project in your business. Ensure coherence between market and strategy. Ensure that strategy is simply and effectively converted into tactical-operational actions as well as measurable results. Your organization will appreciate the uniqueness and efficiency, not least the clear role and responsibilities.

Connect Governance is based on selected LEAN, Systems Engineering and International Standards (ISO) Governance as well as our many years of practical management experience as an industry employee.
Reduce cost by productive meetings, focus production, adaptive product mgmt and efficient KPI.
Minimizing risk, knowledge stored in systems, less human dependency
Easy overview progress for products and projects
Single point of Ownership for technical systems
Efficient products management
Clear responsibilities, how can change what
Business development
Strategy and Planning
Portfolio Management
Product & Project Management
Operation and follow-up
Connect People  harvests the profits by focusing only on tasks that create measurable value for the customer, in the simplest, structured and efficient way through logical product / project standardization, modularization, configuration and not least digitization. Ensuring your organizational development can honor the sharpened skills that tomorrow requires. Uniqueness and a clear framework create performance teams that effectively fulfill your business strategy with the least possible profit loss and desired customer satisfaction.

Connect People builds on the simplest possible Product / Project organization, digitization of business-critical knowledge in CPQ, CAD, PDM, DMS, ERP systems that support the organization in fast and efficient order execution. LEAN, Systems Engineering and International Standards (ISO) are the foundation for eliminating what your employee calls hassle.
Reduce cost by performing teams, clear R&R and right skills
Trust, respect, accept and knowledge sharing
Organization support efficient execution, aiming accepted goals
Minimizing risk, knowledge stored in systems, less human dependency
Single point of Ownership for technical systems
Clear responsibilities, how can change what
Change management
Involvement & anchoring
Roles & Responsibilities
Competence Management
Capacity management
Single point of Ownership for technical systems
Clear responsibilities, how can change what
Connect Processes harvests the profits trapped in your processes eg. unclear , cumbersome, insufficient - processes that cannot simply and effectively be supported or automated by IT tools such as CPQ, CAD, PDM, DMS, ERP system. The result is that you pay for expensive and proprietary modifications in your IT system, long run-in periods for new employees, lack of quality and poor customer experiences, it prevents the scaling of your business.

Connect processes are based on best practice processes, described in International Standards (ISO). By default, the ISO processes are built into professional IT Systems, thus the IT systems you have already invested in.

Connect Processes best practices, described in International Standards (ISO) and combined with our practical experience and pragmatic approach, we can quickly and effectively ensure that your processes are as simple and profitable as possible. Your employees will see the changes in the company's processes as simple logic.
Reduce cost by dramatic minimize re-engineering, smooth project execution and Supplier optimization
Reduce waste, Streamlining Processes, supported by tools where it makes sense
Efficient execution, Attention on sub-system designs maturity, design freeze
Agile change management on top overview of the consequences
Bring in suppliers knowledge for optimizing cost and design
Minimizing Risk, Efficient Risk Managing throughout life cycle
Clear ownership, how owns data, can change what
Project Management
Product development
Product & Portfolio Management
Production Optimization
Quality Assurance & Ongoing Improvements
Connect Tools harvests the profits by utilizing the full potential of your master data in your IT systems. By digitizing business-critical product/project logic in systems like CPQ, PPM, CAD, PDM, DMS, ERP systems, your company is guaranteed a crucial competitive advantage, among other things, rapid throughput time, scalability, increased quality, traceability and business-critical knowledge stored in systems, not in individuals.

Connect Tools ensure maximum profitable utilization of Master data and the necessary IT systems ensuring the product / project you deliver meets the expected deliveries at the agreed cost, time and resources. IT systems need to keep track of complicated and trivial processes and data so that your organization can ensure the strategic goals are achieved.

Systems Engineering and International Standards (ISO), Simplimize and LEAN ensure digitalization, as the red thread through all products and IT systems across the company's value chains.

Reduce cost by reuse design, data and progress reporting
Minimizing risk, knowledge stored in systems, less human dependency
Easy to navigate and find documentation in one system
Traceability: how prepaid, checked, approved, what’s delivered. Including history/comments.
Templates are controlled. All use the same
Clear responsibilities, how can change what
IT infrastruktur
Data- & Document Management (PDM, DMS)
Designparametri & -templates (CAD)
Konfigurator – Design, Salg & tilbug (CPQ)
Dokumentation – Layout & Kommunikation
Connect Reference Structure  deliver a fundamental and logic structure / DNA for a products and/or projects. Standardisation to reduce item varianses, modularization delivering reusable designs and configuration for automate the design process. Ensuring design knowledge are stored in intellectual properties, not in individual persons brains.
Reduce cost by not reinventing the wheel allover, standardize parts/systems, reusing sub systems and intelligent configurations
Reduce waste, reusing design and data, supported by IT tools where it makes sense
Efficient execution, redusing complexicy, progress overview repportet from IT tools
Controlling Economy, progress, resources, Risk by solid and logical Product / Project functional break down structure
Bringing in suppliers knowledge for optimizing cost and design
Minimizing risk, Efficient Product Management throughout life cycle
Clear ownership, how owns design / data
Common Language
Simplification & Transparency
Structuring & Class Fixation
Standardization & Modulation
Configuration Logic