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Rethink business in 5 days, by using 4-step proven process

Simplimize - Simplify to optimize

PLM Consult

Reduce complexity by Harmonization, Standardization, Modularization and Configuration
Focus on Products and Projects
PLM Consult
Aligning the product brake-down with business needs
and common sense throughout the Product Life Cycle
Pragmatic alignment using methods from
Systems Engineering framework
PLM Consult
... its scale, scope, and complexity, the transformation will be unlike anything humankind has experienced before...
4. Industrial Revolutionon - digitization
PLM Consult

*   +20 years of experience in market-oriented simplification and digitization of product, project and owner operator industries
*   Focused holistic product / project lift, adapted to your business needs and technical ambitions
*   Organization and competence optimization, clear ownership and responsibilities
*   PLM-Consult leaves lasting profitable footprints in your products and projects

Help your company management team to a unique common language and understanding of the connection between the company's strategy, the driving market requirements for your products / projects.
Unique common language and understanding connects products, managers, employees, processes and IT tools with customers, and vice versa.

We help your organization get into the sharpest version of the company deliveries in a competitive market in constant motion.

Our strength is +20 years of experience as value creators in both national and international industrial companies with our concept Connect Efficency.
Our passion is to make your business more profitable through
simplification and digitization of your products and projects
Connect Efficiency eliminate non-value-adding complexity and improve your business efficiency throughout the Products or Projects lifecycle from Marked, Sales, Development throughout Planning, Engineering, Fabrication and Operation.
Connect Efficiency are specific tools and methods that give your business a simple and balanced relationship between necessary
Governance, People, Processes, Tools and Reference Structure
Connect Efficiency is relevant for all types of industrial Products, Projects and Engineering related business regardless if you are: 
     - owner-operator
     - production-to-stock
     - production-to-order
Connect Efficiency for you who want profitable growth and scalability
Connect Efficiency model 5 cores is a managerial representation of 5 core areas which must be stable and balanced for your business to experience optimal profitable growth.
Every change in your company is a balanced change in one and most often more of the 5 cores areas.

The 5 core areas are:
Connect Efficiency model
Connect Efficiency is a techno-commercial operationalization of international experience that can be scaled to your company's needs both in the short run and in the long run. Stable basis for growth based on best practices in your industry (ISO, IEC).
Connect Efficiency is based on international experience gathered in well-proven simple, effective and concrete tools and methods, based on International Standards (ISO, IEC), Simplimize and System Engineering.

a techno-commercial operational concrete toolbox, which creates an obvious connection between your market-driving properties and the simplest way you can fulfill these in your products / projects.
Logical market and product contexts stimulate innovation and cost reduction.
Simplimize is a simple and effective way to take your business to the next profitable level.

Systems Engineering:
optimize the profitable balancing between market requirements, optimal design, simplest production and service. A holistic perspective on product / project life cycle
Technical multidisciplinary product and project governance toolbox that helps you and your organization minimize risk by realizing your company's strategy.
Management as an employee reaps the value by using internationally proven processes, methods and systematics, best practices in your industry (ISO, IEC).
Methods for standardization, harmonization, modularization and configuration of parts of your products / projects, boost productivity and quality and reduce inventory.
Technical multidisciplinary interface management reduces the number of technical iterations of the product / project, which consequently optimizes the time aspect.
The employees experience product / project based role and responsibility distribution which results in minimization of frustrations and unnecessary time consumption throughout the value chain.
Connect Efficiency basic
1. Identify your business potential, aligned to the market opportunities
2. Implement profitable changes in products, organization, production and digitalization
3. Fulfil the business potential and the competitive advantages which bring your business to the next profitable level
3 steps Holistic and pragmatic approach:
Our passion is to make your business more profitable
... we call it Connect Efficiency
This is how we work:
Collaborations and Services:
PLM-Consult offers following main groups of collaborations and services:
*  Interim Management
*  Change Project Management
*  Mentoring – Business or Project related
*  Consultancy (or Advisory Board member)
Business Areas / Positions:
* Business Strategy & Development
*  Change Management
*  Business IT Management
*  PDM / PLM Management
*  CAD Management
*  Project Management
*  Document Management
*  Production Optimisation
*  Business Improvement
We book a 1 to 2 hour non-binding confidential dialogue-meeting where we together assess your business optimization potential for controlled growth.
How do we get started, call Henrik on +45 2040 7085