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Rethink business in 5 days, by using 4-step proven process

Simplimize - Simplify to optimize

PLM Consult

Reduce complexity by Harmonization, Standardization, Modularization and Configuration
Focus on Products and Projects
PLM Consult
Aligning the product brake-down with business needs
and common sense throughout the Product Life Cycle
Pragmatic alignment using methods from
Systems Engineering framework
PLM Consult
... its scale, scope, and complexity, the transformation will be unlike anything humankind has experienced before...
4. Industrial Revolutionon - digitization
PLM Consult

PLM-Consult mission is to Change To Improve performance and quality in design of products and projects
*   First-Class knowledge and experience within the products and project industries
*   Focused Holistic approach adjusted local conditions and technical level
*   Organize and train local employees enabling them to continue improve themselves
*   This is the way PLM-Consult change process will leave lasting footprints in the product and project industries
Change to improve to be performed by
*   Entry - As-Is survey of observations and findings
*   Diagnosis - improvements ideas and solutions aligned to business strategy
*   Proposal - Defining and manning the prioritize activities for the future state
*   Execution - Execution of the activities
*   Handover - Handover and closeout to continuous improvement
Between every step, evaluate and agree on next step
This is how we work: