delivering the properties customers are demanding, based on proven and simplest possible solutions
Focus on marked needs and adjust your products
Increasing profit in your business?
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rethink business within few days, by using 4-step proven process

All optimization starts with simplification

Optimization doesn't trigger the expected profit?

reduce complexity by Harmonization, Standardization, Modularization and Configuration
Standardization, Modularization, Configuration
Challenged in scaling you business to the next level?
knowledge mapping to the products structure and hosted knowledge in IT systems
Systems Engineering, a common technical language
Your organization is very dependent on few people?
structuring existing master-data on a solid IT foundation...
then evolve
4. Industrial Revolutionon - digitization
Gaining value and coherence in digitization?
1. Screening and identify your business potential, aligned to the market opportunities
2. Implement profitable changes in products, organization, production and digitalization
3. Harvest the trapped profit and the competitive advantages which will bring your business to the next profitable level
3 steps Holistic and pragmatic approach:
We release the trapped profit in your business and lifting it to next
profitable level…. We call it Connect Efficiency
Connect Efficiency eliminate non-value-adding complexity and improve your business efficiency throughout the Products or Projects lifecycle from Marked, Sales, Development throughout Planning, Engineering, Fabrication and Operation.
Connect Efficiency are specific tools and methods that give your business a simple and balanced relationship between necessary
Governance, People, Processes, Tools and Reference Structure
Connect Efficiency is relevant for all types of industrial Products, Projects and Engineering related business regardless if you are: 
     - owner-operator
     - production-to-stock
     - production-to-order
Connect Efficiency for those who would like to become more efficient
Productivity and Performance from your Organization and PLM-Tools?
Often businesses have invented significantly in organization and PLM-tools but don't get the expected ROI or full potential out of the investment.
PLM-Consult have +20 years of practical experience how together with organizations analyse, plan and act in order to significant strengthen, increase performance and, scalability in a continuous effort to improve business performance - Best in class.
Breakdown Structure, Harmonization, Standardization, Modularization and Configuration of Products and Projects?
Breakdown Structure brings a logical functional Breakdown structure to  Products or Projects enabling clear communication, roles, responsibilities between internal and external resources, customers  and suppliers.
Harmonization enables alignment across Products or Projects portfolios enabling clear communication, roles, responsibilities between internal and external resources, customers  and suppliers.
Standardization saving cost by clean up and reduce the variants of parts in the Product or Project.
Modularization minimize design ressources by define functional subsystems there can be reuses across Products og Projects.
Configuration reducing time to marked when engineering knowledge are captured in PDM tools as 1D, 2D, 3D, 4D tools.





Pros +

Cons -

Reduce time-to-market
Improve Quality
Increases Productivity
Connect Efficiency
Reduce Waste
Productive PLM Tools
in Products and Projects
Connect efficiency
Systems Engineering framework?
Systems Engineering framework is  a proven guidens, based on international standards (EIC, ISO) ensuring that Products or Projects are structured, communicated and interface managed in a way that support all steps in the PLM process.
The Framework are supporting human and PLM Tools work processes and interfaceses. Scaled to business needs.
Technical Process
Managing Interfaceses
Life Cycle Managememnt
Holistic view
Internal standards ISO, EIC...
Managing complexity
Management Process
4th Cyper physical systems - Today
3rd Renewable energy, Computer, Automation - 1969
2nd Oil, Mass production, Electricity - 1870
1st Coal, Mechanical, Water power, Steam Power - 1784
4. Industrial Revolutionon
.... We stand on the brink of 4. Industrial technological revolution will fundamentally alter the way we live, work, and relate to one another. In its scale, scope, and complexity, the transformation will be unlike anything humankind has experienced before..... Read more

Collaborations and Services:
PLM-Consult offers following main groups of collaborations and services:
*  Interim Management
*  Change Project Management
*  Mentoring – Business or Project related
*  Consultancy (or Advisory Board member)
Business Areas / Positions:
*  Change Management
*  Business IT Management
*  PDM / PLM Management
*  CAD Management
*  Project Management
*  Document Management
*  Production Optimisation
*  Business Improvement