Simplimize – Simplify to Optimize
Rethink the business in just 4-5 days
With Simplimize, you can in just 4-5 days get a good overview of a selected product family, which can be used in future steer of the product family in a better direction.

PLM Consult guides the company through the Simplimize process, where the product range is analyzed, simplified and optimized using the Simplimize methods.

Overall, the process brings different product perspectives into play - from the market perspective to the production perspective - and creates clarity about how customer requirements are related to product features and options.

The Simplimize process is divided into 4 steps (see figure and description below).

Simplimize – Simplify to Optimize
Simplimize involves re-evaluating and rethinking the company's product program to increase profits and prepare the product program for growth.

Simplimize is aimed at companies that have realized that they have problems with complexity because the product range has exploded and the fixed costs are slowly eating up all the profits and the product range is not suitable for future expansions.

Simplimize is a well-defined and simple process for quickly making a first effort in the fight against complexity.
The result of a Simplimize process is a series of immediate improvement measures for the company's products and product development, as well as an operational action plan.

Small and medium-sized Danish companies can have a Simplimize course financed with certified Simplimize consultants through the Industriens Fond.

PLM Consult are certified consultants in the Simplimize methodology and have gained a broad experience by working with the area over the past 6 years.

Simplimize is the new black - Technical Focus
3. 1-2-day workshop, where PLM Consult facilitates the participants in the preparation of a business plan and an action plan for the further Simplimize course. Selected improvement measures are concretized and set out in the business plan. The action plan is a realistic plan that takes into account the allocation of necessary resources in the company. PLM Consult recommends that the initiatives are simultaneously related to the company's product strategy and business strategy in general.
The company's management is invited to participate in the preparation of the plans and to approve the measures to ensure the anchoring in the organization.
The result of the Simplimize process is thus a concept for an improvement of the product program, an action plan for the implementation and a management-approved decision to implement the change. In short, everything necessary to implement a decisive improvement of the business of the company.

4. An implementation step where the company evaluates the process and the results together with PLM Consult. Before then, the company is responsible for the implementation and roll-out of the improvement measures. PLM Consult recommends ongoing follow-up and a clear division of responsibilities. After about 100 days, a slightly larger evaluation of the results is made.
1. Preparation step where the company finds participants and defines project goals.
To get the most out of the project, PLM Consult recommends that the list of participants include representatives from top management to ensure that decisions can be approved and implemented, as well as experienced employees from sales and marketing, product development, and production to ensure , that facts and details about the products and their performance can be provided quickly and safely.
The project goals must be ambitious, but realistic - and as concrete as possible.
Depending on the product family being analyzed, some preparation time may also need to be spent in this step of providing data. This is agreed specifically in each project to ensure the best possible basis for the course.

2. 3-day workshop where PLM Consult facilitates and guides the participants in the use of the Simplimize methods.
The selected product family is modeled on different product perspectives - from the market perspective to the production perspective. PLM Consult recommends switching between looking at the current product family and the ideal product concept, so that the ongoing discussions become results-oriented, but that real issues are still addressed.
In parallel with the modeling, PLM Consult presents the participants with inspiring cases from other companies and teaches relevant methods and models for general use.
The Simplimize methods provide a unique overview of the product family and call for improvements in the form of clean-up in variants and features, changed modular structures that can provide new business opportunities, and greater coordination across the company's departments.
Simplimize customized for your business
Simplimize is a well-defined and simple process that can be adapted to your company and the specific challenges you face. Call us or write to us to get our assessment of whether Simplimize can be used in your company.
We book a 1 to 2 hour non-binding confidential dialogue-meeting where we together assess your business optimization potential for controlled growth.
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